William K. Gamble

over 40 years of legal service in the Santa Maria California Area

I have represented more than 35,000 clients in criminal and personal injury cases. My clients have included Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Olympic Champions, World Ranked Professional Boxers, the rich and poor. I have been admitted to numerous Federal Courts, Military Court, Bankruptcy Court and some State Courts by special permission.

I appear daily in Court. I have obtained not guilty verdicts in most major felony cases. I have tried numerous Personal Injury cases, including brain damage, wrongful death, medical malpractice, biking and motorcycle accidents and product liability. I have tried Bankruptcy cases and Military General Court Martial Cases.

I am a pilot. I am instrument and multi-engine rated. I own a Baron airplane that allows me to travel to cases around the United States. I have practices extensively in Orange County, Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County. My Federal Court experience is in the States of Florida, Texas, Washington, Nevada, California and Arizona. By special permission I have done state cases in Georgia, Oregon and Arizona. My hobbies include cycling and photography.