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My law firm is fighting for a win in Santa Maria, CA and San Luis Obispo, CA

When you’re confronted with a lawsuit, it’s essential to choose a lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of the legal system. We’re not just talking about book smarts and a law degree, we’re talking about extensive experience and practical application of legal statutes. William K. Gamble has been practicing law for 47 years – he’s on your side and, chances are, he’s seen a case like yours before.

Persistent service and honest advice can be yours

Are you caught in a criminal law predicament? You don’t have to surrender your rights or plead guilty at your arraignment. Negotiate the terms of your sentence with the help of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. William K. Gamble won’t stand for injustice. Trust his Santa Maria, CA office or his San Luis Obispo, CA office with the details of your misdemeanor or felony. We’ll consult with you on the following:

For a full list of services, contact the William K. Gamble Law Firm. I’ll offer further information about representation and areas of practice.

7 things you need to know about William K. Gamble

There’s no shortage of lawyers in Santa Maria, CA, or in San Luis Obpiso, CA but I am different. Experience the relief of working alongside a legal expert. Don’t risk your life or your future on an under qualified lawyer. Make an informed decision. William K. Gamble has:
  1. Taught Criminal Law and Evidence at Western State College of Law
  2. Former Judge Protemp
  3. Consulted since 1969
  4. Represented over 50,000 cases
  5. In criminal cases, you will be quoted a flat fee
  6. Personal injury cases are taken on a contingency bases and no money is required upfront
  7. Licensed private pilot, multiengine, and instrument rate.  15,000 hours plus in pilot in command.  Owned over 40 planes. 

If Attorney Gamble doesn’t win your personal injury case, you won’t be charged a dime. So go to court with confidence (and a first-rate lawyer) in Santa Maria, California.

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